Senior Info

Senior Tribute Ads

Click here to design your senior tribute ad. Our school code is 7674, or you can look us up by school name. Deadline is Feb 28th 2024! Prices go up in December!

Senior Portraits

Senior portraits must be taken by January 12, 2024 to appear in the Yearbook. Contact Lifetouch/Prestige Senior Portraits for more information. 

Prestige Studio is open Tuesday - Saturday. To schedule an appointment at one of their three locations, click here. There are no phones in the studio, so the link is the only way to schedule.

After clicking the link:  

  1. Create an account by entering a user name and password (or login if you already have an account)
  2. Click on Book Appointment button
  3. Select the Prestige Location using select button on the right (San Jose are on page 2)
  4. Enter your school's name and locate your school on the list
  5. Select Session Option by checking the box on the right of the session you desire
  6. Confirm the Selection
  7. Select a Date and Time that work best
  8. Enter Parent/Guardian Information
  9. Enter Student Information
  10. Finalize Appointment (you should be able to see confirmation page and email)

Yearbook Pose

  • Looking to select a Yearbook Pose?
    • If you are the first person to claim images for a portrait session, you will have access to select the yearbook pose for that session. Others that claim the session after you will not have access to the yearbook selection screen.
    • If your yearbook requires you to select more than one pose, you can select your poses by contacting Customer Service via live chat.
  • How do I select my Yearbook Pose?
    • Once you have claimed your proofs:
      • Click “View Proofs”.
      • Look for the “Select your Yearbook Portrait” box.
      • Click “Select Pose” to open the selection panel.
      • View Yearbook acceptable images by using the slider arrows in the pop up window.
      • Once the large preview shows the pose you want to select for your yearbook, click “Submit Portrait” at the bottom of the window.
      • Confirm your choice by clicking “Yes, Submit Portrait.”
      • Your pose selection will be displayed on your proof page in the Yearbook Portrait box.
  • How do I change my Yearbook Pose?
    • Once you’ve made a yearbook pose selection, you cannot change it online. However, as long as your school’s yearbook selection deadline has not passed, you can change your pose selection by contacting Customer Service via live.