College Information

If you are a junior or a senior, you are starting to think about your future.  There is a wealth of information online regarding colleges, admissions requirements, and financial aid.  In an effort to prepare all Live Oak students and get them started in researching college information, we’ve put
together a list of links that can help in their research.

2016-17 College Information Night – A presentation was given at the start of the school year by our counselors regarding college entry requirements, types of colleges, and financial aid information.

How to Get to College – Cal-SOAP put together this presentation (2013) on what questions students may be asking themselves and what they need to do to move forward.

Preparing for College, Financial Aid – This Department of Education website provides information on how to prepare for college, types of financial aid available–including the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA), eligibility for financial aid, applying for financial aid, and how to manage student loans.

College Admission Criteria – Review the requirements for admission to California’s Community Colleges, UCs, and CSUs.

Colleges visiting Live Oak –  Information for Juniors and Seniors.  Students must obtain passes to attend.

Request for Reference Letter – Complete this form to give the person the additional information they need to write a supportive reference letter for you. Be sure to allow plenty of time to obtain reference letters (if required by the college you are applying to).  Refer to this FAQ for additional information.  Alternately, you may choose to write a cover letter to the individual you are requesting the reference from and attach a resume. This is a good idea if you have too much information to fit on the request form. See resume template.

College Applications

Online CSU Application – Application for California State Universities.

Online UC Application – Application for University of California campuses.

The Common Application – Application for select private California universities as well as campuses across the nation.

College Contact Information – Contact information for California community colleges, UCs, CSUs, California technical and vocational schools, private California universities, universities in the U.S., international universities, and studying abroad.

College Search

College Quickfinder & Matchmaker – Information from the College Board on over 3800 schools.

College Navigator – Choose schools and make side-by-side comparisons using National Center for Education Statistics.

Colleges that Change Lives – Get past the hype of college rankings and just look at what is important for you.

Pathways to College Online Library – A searchable database that contains resources to aid with college readiness.

California Community Colleges – Information and tools to help students research the California community college system.

Find the Best College For You: Focus on the Information that Matters –This (bilingual) guide from Consumer Reports identifies and explains the most important information for your college search.

Career Search

Career Colleges in California – Look for colleges in California based on the career you are interested.

Personality Assessment – Get a detailed report on your personality along with a suggested list of majors that fit your strengths.

Military Careers – Get information on military careers and how to enlist.

Apprenticeships – Access a searchable database of apprenticeship program with trade unions