Senior Class Information 2018

Your senior year is a busy one! Activities range from ensuring graduation requirements are satisfied, to applying for scholarships, completing community service and participating in all those special end-of-year senior events.

Most of the following guidance for seniors exists on other parts of the Live Oak website. Use this page as an additional index to ensure you are able to quickly find and reference what you need.

Academic Considerations

12th Grade Road Map:  Start by reviewing this month-by-month planning guide for Seniors.

Graduation Requirements:  Verify you will meet the Morgan Hill Unified School District graduation criteria.

California College Admission Criteria:  Map your classes against requirements for the colleges you plan to apply to.

Class of 2018

The Class of 2018 Graduation Pamphlet will be viewable here when available in May.

Final Week of School

Final Exams

TBD: Senior Finals, Period 1: 8:10-10:15 / Period 2: 10:36-12:34 / Period 3: 1:10-3:08
TBD: Senior Finals, Period 4: 8:10-10:15 / Period 5: 10:36-12:34 / Period 6: 1:10-3:08

Senior Checkout Procedures

All books must be turned in. If you have lost or damaged a book, teacher must list title, book number and price on the check-out sheet. You will also need clearance from the library and ASB. All fines, books, and materials must be paid for by June <TBD>, 2018. No checks will be accepted after May <date TBD> Check out form must be completed and returned to your counselor on <date TBD>, 10:00 AM – 1:00 PM.

Your Chromebook must also be turned in and must be in good working order.  Otherwise you will be charged for the cost of the computer.  Please click here for specific information on the Chromebook Check-In Procedure.

You will not receive your course grade until the “Senior Check-out” is completed. An incomplete or delayed Senior Check-out form may result in not being able to participate in graduation!

Senior Graduate Clearance

All students are to line up at the counseling office starting at 11:00 AM on <date TBD>. You are to have all required signatures and course grades listed on your “Senior Check-out” sheet. Be sure to turn in your “Transcript Request” form along with your checkout form. Transcripts will be sent to the organization listed on the form once grades are finalized in June.

 Final transcript requests will be attached to check-out forms. Transcripts are $3 each (cash/money-order only).  The registrar will not be available after mid-June.

Graduation Practice: <TBD>

Senior Disneyland Trip: Depart <date TBD>, 8:00 am and return <date TBD> at 9:00 am

Final Graduation Rehearsal: Friday, June 8, (time TBD)

Graduation Ceremony: Friday, June 8, 2 pm (Arrival at 1:00 pm)

Safe & Sober Grad Night: Friday, June 8, 10pm – 4am

Community Service

Outside Points: Live Oak Seniors must meet a Civics outside points requirement. This can be satisfied through a combination of community service and other community involvement or research. For specifics, click here.

Silver Cord: Seniors who complete an application demonstrating exemplary commitment to community service will be awarded a Silver Cord. This cord is worn at graduation along with any other cords that them may have been awarded. (Examples of other possible cords include the Gold Cord for academic achievement and awards for participation in Drama or FFA.)

Generally, this application is available at the beginning of March and due before the end of March. Visit the Career and Counseling Center for the Silver Cord application form and instructions.

Create a Resume

A resume can be included with college applications, scholarship applications, and job applications. As you write college or scholarship essays, it will also be useful as a reminder of your accomplishments. Finally, if you are asking community members to write reference letters for you, the resume will provide the writer with a more complete picture of your achievements. Itemize your leadership, volunteer activities in the school and community, employment history, and additional activities such as clubs and sports.  Click here for a sample resume template.

College Information and Applications


Visiting Colleges – See what colleges are visiting Live Oak to give presentations about their campus and programs.  These presentations normally occur during the school day.  You must sign in ahead of time and obtain a pass from the College and Career Center in order to attend.

College and Career Information – Here you’ll find useful links as you research colleges and career paths to find the right match for you.

CSU and UC Applications – There is one common application for CSU campuses, and one common application for UC campuses.  Don’t miss application due dates!  You can review individual college web sites for additional dates and information.

Reference Letter Request Form – Complete this form to give teachers the additional information they need to write a supportive reference letter for you. Be sure to allow plenty of time to obtain reference letters (if required by the college you are applying to).

  • Alternately, you may choose to write a cover letter to the individual you are requesting the reference from and attach a resume. This is a good idea if you have too much information to fit on the request form. See resume template.
  • Note that teacher reference letters should reflect the teacher’s insights into you as a student and not rehash your resume. Go to
  • teacher reference tips for additional suggestions on obtaining a great teacher reference letter.

College Athletics

Student-athletes who are interested in competing athletically at the collegiate level should meet with their counselors as early as possible to discuss NCAA requirements for participation.? For additional information, including details about the college recruiting process, go to College Athletics.

Financial Aid for College

The most important things you should do for financial aid are:

  • Complete the Live Oak Common Scholarship Application (due the second Friday in December) this one application makes you eligible for many local scholarships. Note that you must obtain a teacher recommendation for this, so plan ahead.
  • Review additional general, merit based, school-specific, or other scholarships targeted as specific groups. There are thousands! Make a list of scholarships that you may be eligible for, decide which you will apply for, and track material to be submitted and application deadlines. Go to Scholarships to get started. A good time to start seriously on this is during your December break.

Senior Events and Activities

Don’t miss out on the special events and perks scheduled for your graduating class.  If a specific date is not listed below, see the Live Oak Calendar or check with the ASB Office.  NOTE:  Student attendance must be within school policy and all book fines must be paid.

Event Details
Graduation Photos 2018 Graduates: Prestige Portraits will be taking your photos the first two weeks in September of your Senior year. You should get an appointment card in the mail. Click here to order your photos.
Order caps and gowns. If desired, also order announcements, thank you notes, class rings, etc. Pick up a detailed order form in ASB office. A representative from Herff Jones will be on campus November before Thanksgiving. Prices go up in early December.
Senior Ads Click here to order online or pick up an order form from the ASB office.
** Parents, put a special ad in the yearbook to recognize your special grad. Due date is November 30.
Senior BBQ This is normally held during Spring ASB elections
Panoramic Photo (on football field) Pick up order form in ASB office. The photo will be taken in April or May.
Beach Day Submit permission form and payment at the ASB office. Forms also available at ASB office.
Senior Prom Submit permission form and payment at the ASB office. Forms also available at ASB office. The prom is normally scheduled for mid-May. Plan ahead if you are ordering a corsage, renting a tuxedo, or renting a limo.
Senior Awards Night This special evening is usually scheduled in May. Let the College and Career Center know in advance via email what awards you are receiving, particularly if they are not local awards. You can also call Mrs. Bergkamp at (408) 201-6112.
Senior Trip Submit permission form and payment at the ASB office. Forms available at the ASB office or fill out the School Trip Permission Form. Payment deadline: mid April. This is an overnight trip. Students will take a chartered bus (rest stops for food on the way). More details to follow.
Purchase Grad Night Tickets Tickets available at the ASB office. Prices will go up as the date approaches. Sell raffle tickets and get your Grad Night ticket for FREE!
Order your yearbook Click here to order your yearbook. Prices will go up later in the school year.
Rent your cap and gown (late orders) Pick up order form and check for deadlines at the ASB office. Pickup date will be announced the week before graduation.
Memory Slide Show Put up to 10 photos of your student (various ages) on CD, indicate student name/s and turn it in to the ASB office by mid-May. Photos will be shown during Senior Awards Night and/or the Grad Night party.
Grad Night Parking Optionally, pre-reserve a spot for $25 (limited number available). Check at the ASB office. Standard parking spaces are available for $6 on graduation day.
Graduation Ceremony Last day of school on the football field. Don't forget ot order your leis from the Grad Night Committee. Details will be posted on this page closer to the graduation date, including schedule and clothing guidelines.
Grad Night Safe and sober, all-night on-campus graduation celebration, a Live Oak tradition since 1987. 10pm to 4am, following graduation. Tickets are available in the ASB office. For details, go to Grad Night.
Volunteers This is an enormous job, organized and staffed by parent volunteers. Work sessions and/or meetings are held weekly throughout the year, starting with selection of a theme and culminating with a move into the gym and all-night staffing of various stations for the seniors.

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