From The Desk of Tanya Calabretta

Welcome Acorn Family to the 2019-2020 school year.  I am humbled to be your Principal this year, and I am enjoying the journey of transition from your Assistant Principal to now.  I have had a lot of opportunities provided to me within my 12 year tenure in MHUSD and am excited for what this year will bring.  We are a California Gold Ribbon School and with our recent six year WASC accreditation, momentum for excellence is underway. 

Live Oak High School has numerous exciting initiatives and programs continuing and rising, which we are confident will increase student success, culture, climate and inclusion.  Positive Behavior Intervention Support (PBIS), Advancement Via Individual Education (AVID), Constructing Meaning (CM), Career Technical Education (CTE), Advanced Placement (AP), Equal Opportunity Schools (EOS), and many other programs/initiatives serve as  tools to assist our staff and students in having an inclusive and equitable experience here at Live Oak High.  We are dedicated to formulating well-rounded and educated individuals with numerous opportunities and will support them on their path to get there.  

Myself and our staff are committed to student, parent, and community engagement.  Education is a partnership, where communication, growth mindset and attendance are key.  Our goal this year is to be more inclusive of parents and community, which is why you may see some updates to past practice, different forms of communication, and new opportunities for relationships to form.  I am a listener and want to hear what all members of our ACORN FAMILY have to say.  I am one person, but together we can make a difference for change.

Thank you for entrusting your families, students, and community to Live Oak High School.  Our goals of equity, engagement, and inclusion will help continue the hard work of my predecessors and continue to provide excellence to our students.  I strongly believe that building culture, climate, and capacity is the key to the hard work and efforts of students and staff, transforming into endless opportunities.

Thank You, 

Tanya Calabretta