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Summer Assignments 2019

summer assignments

Several Advanced, Honors, or Advanced Placement classes have summer work.

In addition, ALL students have required English summer assignments..

This work is required to be completed by the first day of school, August 15, 2019.


Spanish Honors 3: Please join the Google class using code: 4j59c

AP Spanish Language

AP Spanish Literature:

AP French Language: Read the book “Le fantome de l’Opera” and answer the comprehension questions at the end of each chapter (turn in all the questions & answers in complete sentences). Label appropriately for each chapter and staple together in order. Write a summary of the book to show their writing structure. and write a summary. 
Complete the verb conjugation packet.


The English department has a Google class for each level. Please join the appropriate Google class using the indicated code:

Adv English 10 code: pr8hsb
Adv English 11 code: exu1my
Adv English 12 code: cr4sduv
AP English Language and Composition (grade 11) code: i2vkt3
AP English Literature and Composition (grade 12) code: xkfykd

AP English Language code:  i2vkt3

AP English Literature code: xkfykd (click here for details)


AP Biology

AP Chemistry

AP Computer Science A: No summer assignment

AP Environmental Science

AP Physics


AP Calculus B/C: Please join the Google class using code: 3esak07

AP Statistics: No summer assignment

The Arts:

AP Drawing

Government and Civics:

AP US Government and Politics: No summer assignment

AP US History: Please join the Google class using code: 4ji44f9

AP World History: No summer assignment