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Student Voices

Student Voices is a on-campus committee that is composed of students chosen by teachers who believe them to be apt in representing their peers. The committee meets once a week, discussing ways to improve the school’s climate and staff-to-student relations. With assistance from administrative figures such as principal Mr. Webb, Student Voices initiates social projects both at Live Oak and in the community; in the spring, the committee makes the “Stranger Danger” presentation at local elementary schools, improving the safety of younger learners in the area.

Student Voices is currently working on a Freshman Buddy program for students transitioning from middle to high school. Each representative of the committee meets with a group of freshmen each month to converse about topics such as classes, sports, and ways to get involved in the community. The ultimate goal of the project is to allow freshmen to grow comfortable with their surroundings so as to perpetuate the friendly atmosphere that Live Oak truly has.