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Student Life

Video by senior, Samantha Sadoff, titled “Crossing the Finish Line:  The Joy of Helping Others”.  It was awarded the White House Festival – Honorable Mention Award.

ASBThe Associated Student Body represents the Live Oak student community.  It organizes events and activities for all students to participate in, including dances, spirit weeks, and rallies.

Drama Guild: Live Oak may not have drama classes, but it has three leaders in Yoanna Ware, Andrew Cummings, and Janell Cummings, who happily lend their combined expertise to help the Drama Guild and keep the art of drama alive at Live Oak.  The Drama Guild presents two productions each school year.

Emerald Regime:  The Emerald Regime is Live Oak’s marching band and color guard.  They have several competitions a year and perform at various school events, including football games.

Student Voices:  This is a group of students whose mission is to offer guidance and advice to other students regarding student life in high school.