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Scholarships and Financial Aid

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Start working on your scholarship and financial aid applications early!  Use this area as a starting point for information, forms, and links to web sites that can help with your research.

Start the financial process EARLY!  Learn about Cal-Grants, loans, and scholarships, and other financial aid programs.

  • Reference Letter Request Form – Seniors, complete this form to give teachers the additional information they need to write a supportive reference letter for you. Be sure to allow plenty of time to obtain reference letters (if required by the college you are applying to).
    • Live Oak Common Scholarship Application – Seniors, submitting the Live Oak Common Scholarship Application automatically makes you a candidate  for many local scholarships (without the need to apply for each individually).  Applications are due the second Friday in December.
    • Fund Your Future – Order a copy or pick one up at the counseling office.  This brochure is a wealth of financial aid information from California student Aid Commission.
  • List of Scholarships – Log on to your account on Naviance to view a list of the many scholarships that are available for you to apply for.
  • Resources for Grants and Loans – Check out other useful websites for information on the financial aid process, including criteria for receiving government grants and loans.
  • Resources for Scholarships – Look into what scholarships you may be uniquely qualified for.  Browse additional databases for more scholarship opportunities.