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Hi all! Just thought we would share some awesome news!
This past Saturday, March 3, Morgan Hill FFA took our three Career Development Event Teams to our first FFA Field Day of the season at UC Davis. It called for an early 4am departure from school to get there on time, and the students were troopers for making it through the long day in the rain, returning home in the late evening. 
Our Meats Judging Team for the field day was made up of all first-time competitors in this competition: Emily Van Boening (11), Serena Wood (10), Bella Boynton (11) and Sarah Leal (12). As a team, they placed 9th overall at the field day and are looking forward to more success in the future. 
Competition Includes: 
  • General knowledge test
  • Retail ID 
  • Beef grading 
  • Priced out beef carcasses 
  • Judging pork carcasses, beef carcasses and lamb carcasses
  • Judging class of rib eyes 
  • Judging class of hams 
  • Judging class of lamb chops 
The Floriculture Team for the field day was made up of all first-time competitors in this competition: Emily Clausen (11), Marlena Dominguez (10) and Mia Dominguez (9). The team did not place in the top 20 (of over 60 teams), but are looking forward to more opportunities in the future. Because they did not make the top 20, the students spent the rest of their time working with an industry florist in a floral workshop. They are inspired to work harder than ever! 
Competition Includes:
  • Flower ID Test 
  • Tool ID Test 
  • Potted Plant ID Test 
  • Judging classes of potted pants with reasons 
  • Creation of corsages and arrangements 
The Vet Science Team for the field day was made up of all first-time competitors in this competition: Cara Fisher (12), Julie Muzzi (11) and Sean Hwang (9). At the competition, Julie Muzzi was the high individual on the team. They are looking forward to continuing to compete in upcoming field days. 
 Competition Includes:
  • Tool ID Test 
  • Vet Science Practicums 
  • General Knowledge Test 
  • Breed ID 
  • Parasite ID 

On Saturday, February 10th, Morgan Hill brought 17 amazing students to the FFA Super Saturday Speaking Competition at San Benito High School in Hollister. Here, each of our students competed in one of six different competitions. They competed against contestants from Gilroy FFA, Hollister FFA, Sobrato FFA, and Campbell FFA. The results are below: 
Prepared Public Speaking (6-8 minute speech, completely memorized, on any agricultural topic. 5 minutes of questions from judges): 
  • Sarah Leal ​  (7th place)- speech on climate wise agriculture
  • Madelyn Guinn (2nd place) – speech on legalization of cannabis affecting cut flower industry 
  • Emily Van Boening​ (8th place)- speech on labor housing in the Ag Industry
Extemporaneous Speaking (students have 30 minutes to write and prepare a 3 minute speech on a randomly selected agricultural topic and then give the speech to a panel of judges. 5 minutes of questions from judges.): 
  • ​Julie Muzzi (3rd place)
Impromptu Speaking (Sophomore students have 1 minute to prepare a 2 minute speech on a randomly selected topic, key word or quote): 
  • Joey Richmond
  • Serena Wood (5th place)
Creed Speaking (Freshman students memorize the 5 paragraph FFA Creed, recite it to a panel of judges and answer 5 minutes of questions): 
  • Dominic Bettancourt
  • Avery Yakich
  • Jacquelyn Badillo (5th place) 
Project Competition (All grades compete; complete a 20 minute presentation on their Supervised Agricultural Education Program, with questions from judges after): 
  • Gracie Dudek​ (1st place) – presentation on educational mini-horse shows that she plans and implements
Job Interview Competition (all grades; students  apply to actual agricultural job positions – create a cover letter, resume and complete a job application. Students are interviewed by a panel of industry professionals looking for professionalism, industry knowledge and actual job experience): 
  • Gabe Milos (6th place)
  • Shelby Andrade 
  • Thomas Emerton 
  • Savannah Pacheco 
  • Emily Clausen 
  • Lindsey Hillesland 
  • Shae Urbina 
​Students in bold blue will be moving on to the Regional Competition in March.
I​n addition to competing, we were so proud of the connections our students made with their peers from around the Santa Clara Section. They truly exhibited premier leadership and personal growth during their time at Super Saturday and embraced the experience as well as the opportunities it presented them to better themselves, make new friends and bring new ideas and skills back to our chapter and school. We are so proud!
All of our students worked so hard to prepare for these competitions (including a bunch of 7am practices before school!) ​If you see them or have them in class, p​lease congratulate them on a job well done!! 
Thank you for continuing to support the LOHS Agriculture Education Program and Morgan Hill FFA! 

Warm regards, 

Kaiti ​and Amelia​
Agriculture Teacher
Morgan Hill FFA Advisor
Live Oak Ag Ed Department