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Scrip Gift Cards Sale

Script Clip ArtIt’s never too early to prepare for the holidays!  The Home & School Club is selling Gift Cards through a Scrip program.  This is a fundraising program that donates 2-13% of what you spend (to purchase gift cards) back to Live Oak.

For example, let’s say you buy a $100 gift card for See’s Candies.  9% of that $100, or $9, will go back to Live Oak. You still have the entire $100 of the gift card to spend or give as a gift.

Scrip isn’t just about gift cards anymore!  You can get Scrip to your email and/or phone.  Go to and explore all the places you shop that are available.  Setup up an account; our enrollment code is 52D36A3B48166.  If you set up PrestoPay you can get Scrip almost instantly to your phone or email…without having to get a check to me and waiting for me to release the order.  Call me and I can walk you through it!

Checking out at Amazon?  Head over to and almost instantly you can have a gift certificate code you can copy and paste to pay for your purchases, and Live Oak Home & School Club receives 2.5% of what you spend!  Starbuck’s gives us 7% and Land’s End 16%.

Still want actual gift cards?  Christmas gifts?  We’ll be doing pre-Christmas orders for physical gift cards; see schedule below.   Click here for an order form or pick one up at the ASB office.

Order Schedule:

  • Place order by Friday, September 29 — Pick up order at school on Friday, October 6.
  • Place order by Friday, November 3 — Pick up order at school on Friday, November 14.
  • Place order by Friday, December 1 — Pick up order at school on Friday, December 8.

Questions?  Contact Paula Scotney-Castle at (408)778-3666 or .