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Student-Athlete Handbook

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Table of Contents:


Levels of Competition



To the Parents / Guardians

To the Student-Athlete

Athletic Locker Room

Booster Club


Fundraising / Fees

Playing a Single Sport

Drugs, Alcohol, Steroids

Suspension from School

Bus and Pre / Post Game Behavior

Physical Well Being of Athletes

Class Attendance and Release from Class



Welcome to the Live Oak High School Athletic Program. This handbook is designed to help students and parents become familiar with our athletics programs.  It is the philosophy of the Acorn Athletic Department that participation in athletics is an integral part of the educational process. Athletics teach so many “life lessons” such as dedication and commitment, self-discipline, teamwork, sportsmanship, dealing with success as well as overcoming adversity. These “life lessons” are the true value of high school athletics. Our coaches believe in this philosophy and see themselves as instrumental in its implementation. The fields and courts are used as classrooms where these “life lessons” can be taught in an environment where student motivation is high. Over the years, the Acorns have developed a competitive tradition by winning more than our share of league and section titles in many sports, yet have never lost sight of these values.

A wide variety of sports programs are offered at Live Oak as we field 40 teams in 23 different sports. Our programs are accessible to any student that is interested. Participation in athletics is entirely voluntary and is a privilege, not as right. Since participation is voluntary, any student who desires to compete must be prepared to follow all rules and regulations governing athletics.

Live Oak High School is a member of the Blossom Valley Athletic League (BVAL). The league consists of 24 schools divided into three divisions of eight schools by strength of program. The BVAL is a member of the Central Coast Section (CCS) of the California Interscholastic Federation (CIF).  The CCS has12 leagues with 140 schools and stretches from San Francisco in the north to King City in the south. The CIF has 10 sections covering the state of California.

Levels of Competition

The Live Oak High School Athletic Department offers 16 different sports with levels of competition dependent on the sport (some have two, others one).  The Blossom Valley Athletic League awards championships and all-league awards at the Varsity and Junior Varsity/Frosh-Soph levels.

Junior Varsity / Frosh-Soph

At this level, student-athletics become accustomed to interscholastic practices and play.  For many, it is their first introduction to competitive sports, different form recreational in its demand and philosophy. It starts to become “competitive,” not” “funpetitive.” The focus is on development of fundamental skills pertinent to each sport, rules, strategies, team play, as well as the importance of winning and losing gracefully.  No seniors may participate on a junior varsity or frosh/soph team.  An attempt will be made to play all participants, but it is recognized that they may not play equally, both in individual games and over the course of the entire season. Our coaches will attempt to find meaningful playing time for all eligible players based on the degree of effort, skill improvement, ability to compete and execution of skills at game speed demonstrated by the student-athlete in practice and during games.


The varsity level of competition is the culmination of the high school athletic program. Team play, sportsmanship, individual physical ability, motivation and mental attitude are very important aspects of competition at the varsity level. Team size at the varsity level can be limited. The number of participants on any given team is a function of those needed to conduct an effective and meaningful practice and to play the contest.  It is vital that each team member have a role and is informed of its importance. The number of roster positions is relative to the students’ acceptance of their individual roles in pursuit of team goals. While contest participation over the course of a season is desirable, a specific amount of playing time at the varsity level is never guaranteed.


The top priority of the Live Oak High School Athletic Department is to promote proper sportsmanship as it relates to student-athletes, coaches, parents/guardians, and spectators.  Sportsmanship is an honorable quality that we all must take part in.  We are dedicated to Pursuing Victory With Honor, to adhering to the rules of competition and sportsmanship, and displaying the Six Pillars of Character (trustworthiness, respect, responsibility, fairness, caring and citizenship) on and off the playing field.

1)    The fundamentals of sportsmanship are:

2)    Show respect for the opponent.

3)    Show respect for the officials.

4)    Know, understand, and appreciate the rules of the competition.

5)    Maintain self-control.

6)    Recognize and appreciate skill in performance regardless of affiliation.

The Central Coast Section (CCS) sportsmanship policy states the following behavior as unacceptable at all CIF/CCS high school contests:

  • Berating your opponent’s school or mascot
  • Berating opposing players
  • Obscene cheers or gestures
  • Negative signs
  • Artificial noise makers
  • Complaining about officials’ call (verbally or with gestures)

Failure to abide by this policy could result in ejection from the event.  It is the Blossom Valley Athletic League (BVAL) policy that any player/coach who is ejected from a contest for unsportsmanlike behavior will sit out not only the remainder of the current game but the next contest as well.  If the unsportsmanlike ejection is in a CCS playoff game, the ejected player/coach will be disqualified for the remainder of the playoffs.

Equipment / Uniforms

Student-athletes at Live Oak High School are proud to wear the green and gold of the Acorns. Many great student-athletes have worn these colors with great honor and glory and many more will wear these colors in the future with great honor and glory.  Student-athletes are financially responsible for any equipment and/or uniform issued to them beyond normal wear and tear during the season of sport. Equipment and uniforms can be very expensive. Be sure to take care of all equipment properly and follow manufacturer’s directions for uniforms. The student-athlete will replace any equipment damaged or lost.. All equipment and/or uniforms shall be turned in the week following the last contest of a sport’s season.  Failure to do so will result in a fine slip and the student-athlete will not be allowed to compete in another sport until the equipment is returned or the fine has been satisfied.

To the Parents and Guardians

This handbook is presented to you because your son or daughter has indicated a desire to participate in the Live Oak High School Athletic program and you have expressed your willingness to permit him/her to compete. Your family interest in this important component of our school program is gratifying. We believe that participation in athletics provides a wealth of opportunities and experiences which assist students in personal adjustments. You can have a major influence on your student’s attitude about academics and athletics. The leadership role you take will help influence your child, and our community, for years to come.

The Live Oak High School Athletic program is concerned with the educational development of our young men and women through athletics and feels that a properly controlled, well-organized athletic program can meet student needs for self-expression, social, mental and physical growth. It is our intent to conduct a program that is educationally sound in purpose and will enhance each student-athlete’s personal growth.

A student-athlete who elects to compete in athletics at Live Oak High School is voluntarily making a choice of self-discipline. For this reason we place stress on the rules and regulations of good training habits.  Failure to comply with the rules of training and conduct can mean exclusion from the team. This concept of self-discipline is tempered by our responsibility to recognize the rights of the individual within the objectives of the team. There is no place in high school athletics for students who are not willing to discipline their minds and bodies for rigorous competition. We are ultimately striving for excellence and do not want our athletes to compromise with mediocrity.

We are very fortunate at Live Oak High School to have a tremendous coaching staff. It must be recognized that the coach has been hired to a leadership and decision making position.  His/her responsibility is to the individual participant, the team as a whole, as well as Live Oak High School. As a result all coaches have been instructed to make the best decisions they can in light of their global responsibilities. As a parent you know these decisions are not often easy or liked by all parties. Please respect these difficult decisions and support our coaching staff. Live Oak High School also recognizes that parents/guardians have a vital interest in the welfare of their child. It is possible from time to time for disagreements between the coach and the parent/guardian to occur. These disagreements may include differences over the coach’s philosophy, methodology, or their child’s role on the team, among others.  Parents/guardians are urged to make appointments to share their concerns with the coach first. In the event that an acceptable understanding cannot be secured, the parent/guardian should then contact the Athletic Director. If additional discussions are required, the parent/guardian has the right to appeal decisions to the Assistant Principal in charge of athletics.

The role of the parent in the education of a student is vital. The support shown in the home is often manifested in the ability of the student to accept the opportunities presented at school and in life.

There is a value system–established in the home, nurtured in the school-that young people are developing. Their involvement in classroom and other activities contributes to that development. Trustworthiness, citizenship, caring, fairness and respect are lifetime values taught through athletics.  These are the principles of good sportsmanship and character. With them, the spirit of competition thrives, fueled by honest rivalry, courteous relations and graceful acceptance of the results.

As a parent of a student-athlete at Live Oak High School, your goals should include:

  1. Realize that athletics are part of the educational experience, and the benefits of involvement go beyond the final score of a game;
  2. Encourage our students to perform their best, just as we would urge them on with their class work;
  3. Participate in positive cheers that encourage our student-athletes, and discourage any cheers that would redirect that focus–including those that taunt and intimidate opponents, their fans and officials;
  4. Learn, understand, and respect the rules of the game, the officials who administer them and their decisions;
  5. Respect the task of our coaches face as teachers, and support them as they strive to educate our youth;
  6. Respect our opponents as student-athletes, and acknowledge them for striving to do their best; and
  7. Develop a sense of dignity and civility under all circumstances.

You can have a major influence on your student’s attitude about academics and athletics. The leadership role you take will help influence your child, and our community, for years to come.

To the Student-Athlete

Being a member of a Live Oak High School Athletic team is a fulfillment of an early ambition for many students. The attainment of this goal carries with it certain traditions and responsibilities that must be maintained. A great athletic tradition is not built overnight; it takes the hard work of many people over many years. As a member of a Live Oak team you have inherited a wonderful tradition which you are challenged to uphold. Our athletes from Live oak High School will be judged by your actions and deeds.

Our tradition has been to win with honor. We desire to win, but only with honor to our athletes, our school and our community. Such a tradition is worthy of the best effort of all concerned. Over many years, our teams have achieved more than our share of league and section titles. Many former Acorns have fulfilled their talents at the collegiate and professional ranks as well.

It will not be easy to contribute to such a great athletic tradition. When you wear the green and gold of the Acorns, we assume that you not only understand our traditions, but are willing to assume the responsibilities that go with them. However, the contributions you make should be a satisfying accomplishment to you, your family, school and community.

Responsibility to yourself:  The most important of these responsibilities is to broaden and develop strength of character. You owe it to yourself to derive the greatest benefit from your high school experience. Your academic studies, your participation in other extracurricular activities as well as in athletics, prepare you for life as an adult. Work hard to fulfill your potential and be the best you can be, risk greatness.

Responsibility to our school Another responsibility you assume as a team member is to our school. Live Oak High School cannot maintain its position as having an outstanding school unless you do your best in the activity in which you engage. By participating in athletics to the maximum of your ability, you are contributing to the reputation of our school. You assume a leadership role when you are on an Acorn athletic team. The student body and citizens of your community know you. You are on stage with a spotlight on you.  The student body, the community and other communities judge our school by your conduct and attitude, both on and off the field.  Because of this leadership role, you can contribute significantly to school spirit and community pride.  Make Live Oak High School proud of you, and your community proud of our school, by your consistent demonstration of these ideals.

Responsibilities to others:  As a team member you bear a responsibility to your coaches and teammates. You must aspire to live up to all the training rules, you must practice to the best of your ability every day, and you must play the game with “all out” effort.  Doing so will develop self-respect and earn the respect of your coaches and teammates.

Athletic Locker Room

The locker room is a place to prepare yourself for a practice or a game; it is not a hangout. Student-athletes are responsible for all of their belongings including valuables. Make sure your lock is locked when you leave the locker room.  Never leave any personal belongings unattended while in or out of the locker room. No cleats of any type may ever be worn inside the locker room.  No glass containers are permitted in the locker room.

Booster Club

The Live Oak Athletic Booster Club is a non-profit organization whose purpose is to promote, assist and support the athletic programs and activities at Live Oak High School. We are very fortunate to have a first class club who has supported our student-athletes tremendously over the years. The high caliber athletic programs we are so proud of at Live Oak would not be able to exist without the backing of the Boosters. Meetings are held once a month on the second Tuesday of the month in the school library at 7:00 p.m. Each sport will have a volunteer representative who will have membership information for those interested. While membership is not required, it is strongly encouraged.


Student-athletes will take school transportation to and from athletic contests when provided. In instances where transportation is not provided, student-athletes will ride with an adult or by themselves. All drivers must complete the student/adult Driver Registration Form.  No student-athlete may drive another student-athlete to or from an athletic sponsored trip. If a student-athlete returns from an event with someone other than provided school transportation, a signed note from his/her parent/guardian must be given to the coach prior to leaving school for the trip. A student-athlete may lose his/her transportation privilege for inappropriate behavior. A fee will be charged for bus or van transportation. This fee will be discussed at the parent meeting and checks made out to Live Oak High Schoolcan be turned in to your coach. There is a no refund policy on the amount once it is set at the parent meeting.

Fundraising / Fees

Due to financial constraints most teams will participate in some kind of fundraising event(s) during the course of the year. Student-athletes are encouraged to take part in all fundraising endeavors. Some sports may charge a fee for consumable goods (jerseys, caps, socks, etc.). Fundraisers will be discussed by the coach at the pre-season parent meeting.

Playing a Single Sport

When you are a member of an Acorn athletic squad you have made a commitment to the team and the coach for the entire season. The Blossom Valley Athletic League only allows student-athletes tparticipate in one sport of season at a time. Quitting a sport should be a last resort after all other options have been exhausted. Student-athletes should arrange jobs and any other activities so as not to conflict with practice and games. If a student-athlete is dismissed or voluntarily leaves the team at any time during the season, he or she is not eligible to participate in another sport until the season of the sport dropped is over unless there is a mutual agreement between the two coaches involved. An appeal may be made through the Athletic Director.

Drugs, Alcohol and Steroids

For student-athletes to reach their full potential they must avoid the use of non-prescription drugs, steroids and alcohol. Besides being illegal, the use of these items will have a detrimental effect on both your academic success and your mental and physical athletic performance. The following consequences will occur for all student-athletes using illegal drugs:

First offense Student-athlete will enroll in a drug / alcohol counseling program (DASAP). No participation in athletics for six weeks.

Second offense Automatic move for expulsion from school.  No participation in athletics.

Any student-athlete who has a problem with controlled substances and wants to seek assistance or advice from their coach can do so without fear of a six week suspension from athletics. If you feel you have a problem with drugs or alcohol, seek help early. The possession or use of tobacco products (chew, cigarettes, etc.) is also forbidden and can result in suspension from school.

Suspension From School

Student-athletes at Live Oak High School are respected role models and should avoid activities that would involve suspension from school. Student-athletes are treated the same as other students when it comes to school rules. Student-athletes who are suspended from school are also suspended from their athletic teams for the duration of the suspension.  The student-athlete cannot attend practice, meetings, competition or other team functions while on suspension. It is the coach’s discretion on any other consequences the student-athlete may face because of suspension.

Bus and Pre/Post Game Behavior

Student-athletes are expected to conduct themselves appropriately at all times while riding to and from a contests and while at an opposing school. No trash will be left on the bus/van at the conclusion of the contest/trip. Make sure to gather all equipment and personal belongings before leaving the school or exiting the bus.

Any damage to buses caused by student-athlete(s) will be paid for by the student-athletes involved. Said student-athlete(s) will be subject to dismissal from the team and school discipline.

Physical Well Being of Athletes

Live Oak High School does not want to have any athlete who is injured or impaired participating in practice or games. If a student-athlete has been referred to a physician or has gone to see one on his/her own, they will not be allowed to participate until the physician clears that student-athlete in writing. If, during the course of a game or practice, the athletic trainer, EMT, or physician deems an athlete unfit to continue, then that player will not be allowed to continue. Coaches or players cannot overrule a decision made by any of the aforementioned people.

Student-athletes visiting the training room prior to practice or a game should only stay as long as needed to treat his/her injury. Cleats of any kind and food are not allowed in the training room. The training room is not a hangout, or a place to fool around with your friends. Get treated and get out.

Class Attendance & Release from Class

Certain sports will require the student-athlete to miss part or all of their classes for some contests. School sponsored athletic events are considered an excused absence for the duration of time designated by the Athletic Director. It is the responsibility of the student-athlete to see their teacher the day before the class(es) they will miss because of an athletic contest to find out the missing assignment. The student athlete is responsible to make up any assignments, test or activities missed in a timely manner.

As per the Live Oak High School attendance policy, six unexcused absences in a class will result in loss of any extra curricular activity involvement. An absence must be cleared within three school days of the absence or it will remain in the record as an unexcused absence. To be successful in school it is paramount for student-athletes to attend classes and to be on time.