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Eligibility Requirements

All participation in interscholastic athletics is voluntary and therefore a privilege, not a right.

  • Student-athletes who do not meet the eligibility requirements may not participate in any team function (games, practices, meetings etc . . .) for the duration of the grading period.
  • Student-athletes are not declared ineligible or re-eligible until Monday after the computer printout is issued (approximately one week after grading period).

  • All Student-Athletes Must Meet the Following Eligibility Requirements

        1. Please register online at .  Once you log in, you will have access to the forms you need to get clearance for participation in sports at Live Oak. The forms include:
          – Emergency medical information
          – Parent consent
          – Proof of insurance (insurance is available through school for additional cost)
          – Physical examination (one per calendar year)
          – The APA form is available from coaches, the LO front office, or online.
        2. No student-athlete whose 19th birthday is attained prior to June15, shall participate or practice on any team in the following school year.
        3. Be an amateur.
        4. Be an undergraduate in high school.
        5. Have met the residence requirement.
        6. Have not competed on any outside team in the same sport during the school season of that sport.
        7. Not have been expelled from any high school during the past year.
        8. Purchase Associated Student Body (ASB) card, and clear all fines/dues
        9. Have attended high school not more than 8 semesters after completing 8th grade.
        10. Scholastically during the previous quarter/semester:
          – Maintain a 2.0 grade point average or better for all school work
          – Maintain minimum progress towards graduation. The following minimum units must be completed:
    Beginning Semester# Minimum # of units required
    3 50
    4 75
    5 100
    6 130
    7 160
    8 190

    In addition, please note that:

    1. Student-athletes who want to compete in the Fall season of their 9th grade year must be eligible in the last grading period of their 8th grade year.
    2. If you started 9th grade at a school other than Live Oak, you must complete transfer paperwork before being eligible. Please see the Athletic Director, as the paperwork to be completed will depend on the type of transfer.
    3. Summer school classes must be of like type to make up deficient grades to become eligible. Check with your counselor to verify class substitutions.
    4. There is no probation period for 9-12 grade student-athletes
    5. As with all extracurricular activities, a student will lose the privilege of participating in a sport (practice, meetings, contests or any other team activity) for at least 6 weeks for any of the following offenses:
      · Any drugs, alcohol or other illicit substances
      · Acts involving any physical violence
      · Any behavior resulting in a suspension from school for 3 or more days