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Chromebooks at Live Oak

All Live Oak students have been issued a Chromebook (lightweight laptop) this year to use as a tool, both inside the classroom and out, to foster critical thinking, collaboration, communication, and creativity.  They have become an integral part of the classroom, allowing staff to incorporate many online resources into their lesson plans and to post their homework assignments online for students to access anytime.

If your student experiences any issues with their Chromebook, please have them bring it to the library and our librarian, Mrs. Hirschfeld can help them.

Chromebook Letter (English) (Spanish) – Read the letter that was sent to all parents from Daniel Chaja, Directory of Informational Technology and Enrollment, explaining what a Chromebook is and why the the District is now incorporating them into the classrooms.

Chromebook Condition Form (English) (Spanish) – Every parent and student must sign the Chromebook Condition Form which explains the benefits of using Chromebooks in the classroom, how to care for the Chromebook, fines, and insurance.

Chromebook Responsible Use Agreement (English) (Spanish) – Every parent and student must sign the Chromebook Responsible Use Agreement to acknowledge that they have read the agreement and will use the Chromebook responsibly.

FOR SENIORS ONLY – Returning your Chromebook at the end of the school year:

Seniors, before you can be cleared for graduation, you must return your Chromebook in good working order during the Senior Chromebook Check-In Process scheduled for May 27 and May 31, 2016.  Click here for specific information on this procedure.