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Senior Raffle for Grad Night – Feb 15 thru Mar 20

Senior Parents/Guardians,

Senior Raffle for Grad Night:  Last week your student received a packet for the Senior Raffle.  The Grad Night Committee has kicked off the seniors’ largest fundraiser of the school year to raise funds for our Safe and Sober Grad Night which will take place on June 8, 2018 from 10pm-4pm.  This is an event that Live Oak’s Grad Night Committee has proudly hosted for our seniors since 1987!


Why have a Senior Raffle?  Grad Night takes a lot of volunteers, donations, and funding.  Our goal is to raise $20,000 with the Senior Raffle.  The more money we raise, the more fun things we can provide for the night of the event.  For example, in years past, there’s been a zip-line, rock wall, bumper cars, laser tag, movie theater, carnival games, and other fun activities.


What is in the Senior Raffle Packet?  The packet your student received contains:
– a booklet of 12 raffle tickets that sell for $10 each.
– an information sheet that explains the raffle (there’s a community raffle that you sell tickets for, and a student raffle that your students are entered into as they sell tickets).
– a permission form that needs to be completed by both the senior and his/her parent or guardian if they plan to attend the event.


Gain Free Entry into Grad Night:  Please read the yellow sheet in the packet for an explanation of both the community raffle and the student raffle.  Remember that your student can get into Grad Night for free if he/she sells 12 raffle tickets.  Sell another 12 raffle tickets and their guest enters free as well!  There will be top seller prizes and other cool prizes students can win for selling 12 or more tickets.


Turn In Money to Get More Raffle Tickets to Sell:  Once your student sells their first 12 raffle tickets, they can turn in their stubs and money (checks payable to LO Grad Night) and get more tickets to sell.  There will be a Grad Night representative at the ASB office every day during lunch from Feb. 26 thru Mar. 20.


Another Way to Donate – GoFundMe:  Another easy way to donate to Live Oak’s Grad Night is through the gofundme page:
If you or the people you know would like to give a straight donation rather than–or in addition to!–the Student Raffle, please point them to the GoFundMe page.  Again, tell your family, relatives, friends, neighbors, and coworkers!


The raffle ends march 20th.  Have your students sell, sell, sell!!  If you have questions or need more raffle tickets, please email