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AP Exam Information

In preparation for the Live Oak AP exams that are coming up in May 2018, please review the following forms for your child if he/she is taking one or more AP classes:

Live Oak AP Exam Dates 2018 – This lists all the AP courses offered at Live oak and their corresponding AP exam date and time.

Live Oak Student Expectations Agreement – This is an agreement among the student, parent, AP teacher, and AP coordinator on the expectations from the student taking an AP course.  This form must be filled in, signed, and returned to the student’s AP teacher.

AP Letter to Students – This is a letter to the students explaining the procedure the day of the AP exam.  the student must attend a pre-administration session prior to taking the AP exam.

AP Test Purchase Form – Please complete this form and return to the ASB Office.  The cost of each exam is $94 and purchases can be made 2/8/18-3/28/18.  A deposit is due 2/28, final payment due 3/28.