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Live Oak #ChooseKind Campaign

Wow! We received 300+ nominations for our Live Oak #ChooseKind campaign, which means there are a lot of Acorns out there making a positive difference at our school every day. The #ChooseKind campaign is an effort to recognize everyday heroes at Live Oak who are helping to make our school a safer, more inclusive, and unified campus.

It was tough to choose just 6 people to recognize, but I was pleased to give our thanks and congratulations, a copy of the book Wonder, and 2 movie passes to these lucky Acorns today:
  • Students: John Molina, Rudy Vega, Allison Webenbauer
  • Teachers: Julia Angeles, Gretchen Monke
  • Staff: JoAnne Markowska
Looking forward to more opportunities to recognize awesome Acorns as part of our PBIS (Positive Behavioral Intervention and Support) work soon. In the meantime, I know that each of you deserve a prize for your efforts on behalf of students every day.