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Happy New Year, Acorns!

Please note the following logistics changes to the front of our school.  Thank you for your cooperation in following these changes:

  • New Location for Counselors and Registrar:  The counselors and registrar have moved their offices to the Career and Counseling Center, which is located in the building directly behind the Front Office (Administration building) and next to the ASB office.
  • Parking during Lunch:  As mandated by the Morgan Hill Fire Department, parking in the turn around at the front of the school is NOT PERMITTED during lunch time.
  • Drop-off of Student Lunches:  Please do not drop off student lunches at the Front Office of the Admin building.  Instead, student lunches can be dropped off on the back side of the Admin building, to the right.  Simply enter the black gates to the right of the Admin building and proceed to the window double-doors.


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